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Posted By: GUEST,David Owen
15-Sep-12 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: Fairport on BBC4 Tonight
Subject: RE: Fairport on BBC4 Tonight
My name is David Owen - please do me the courtesy of spelling it correctly - as least I use my own name....
I am well aware of what pub rock is and when it developed.
I really don't care for your pedantic chronological accuracy.
It's still a plodding, boring, dire, dreary, dismal record that has absolutely NOTHING to do with rock music. Calling it 'folk rock' is an insult to rock music.
It doesn't stand the test of time.
Classic albums should stand the test of time. They are timeless.... Sgt Peppers. The Stone Roses. Sex Pistols. Dylan. The Stones. Pyschocandy.....oh the list goes on - but L & L should not be on it.
I keep hearing people say "oh you had to be there at the time...." but I wasn't - so I assume that I will still be moved by it's greatness, still feel the raw energy and excitement....but I don't - I just hear plodding bass and drums and average production and I'm bored to tears with the way everyone holds it up as some kind of benchmark, some kind of highpoint....
So you can criticise the accuracy, or inaccuracy, of my 'pub rock' reference - it doesn't really matter, it was just a shorthand reference point to describe the overall sound of a leaden, lumpen, dinosaur of an album that is, at best, average.
As I said....Penguin Eggs....Handful of Earth.... go on, listen to them again this evening. They stand the test of time. L&L doesn't.