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Posted By: Janie
11-Sep-12 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Keeping cats from dangerous road
Subject: RE: BS: Keeping cats from dangerous road
I agree, McGrath. But people are often not prone to do the right or sensible thing when it comes to pet ownership. Or more likely, simply do not think through the impact of their choices on others in the neighborhood. I understand that because when I was younger, I was one of those oblivious people, and have also had the experience of living in very rural, suburban, small town, and urban environments as a pet owner.

I will say that in my time I have lived in apartments with plenty enough rodents to keep indoor cats busy and as happily hunting and stimulated as would a horse barn with a grainery. I also think it quite possible to have a healthy, happy and well adjusted animal that is not allowed to simply go out the back door at will.

The responsible cat owners I know in town either have cat runs or make sure their cats have the care, attention and stimulation they need inside the house or apartment. The responsible dog owners I know take their dogs on long walks 2-4 times a day, and also make sure the dogs are well socialized to dog parks, are well trained enough to be let off lead in the back yard to be played with or to hang out while the owner is out there with them, or otherwise understand they are responsible for attending to the psychological needs of their pets if the pets live in a restricted environment.

In my experience of dogs and cats, my own and others, it is not so much whether the animal is allowed to be turned outside without restriction, it whether the pet owner is attentive and provides for the emotional needs of the animal. It takes more intention and attention from the pet owner to see to the emotional and psychological needs of a dog or cat that is not turned loose at will, but many pet owners are up to the task and understand their responsibility.

I'm betting you are one of those, Elmore.