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12-Nov-00 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: american politics is a joke
Subject: RE: american politics is a joke
I don't agree that Richard Nixon's capitulation to voter irregularities was a noble thing. I think it was simply this, he realized that he couldn't win because JFK was more powerful on TV. He was smart enough to see that people had a negative view of him in the debates with Kennedy. It would be like trying to run against Elvis Presley in a music awards contest.

I do agree that our system of Democracy works and it's working now. There is a humorous side to it as in all elections but to say it's a joke is to sell it short. It was no joke that people have given their lives for it unless you mean it was a big comic joke by an Aristotelian God which is theologically debatable.

I have faith in this system and I think that not only is it working but it's very entertaining, and edifying. We are beginning to understand what we're made of and what is important to us as a nation.

If we solve this crisis without going to war over it, I think we will have incurred a huge respect from the rest of the world. Many countries do go to war over such things but that's not the American pattern in history with the exception of the Civil War.

Every politician who is worth his salt feels a kind of divine destiny to lead. That's what makes them a good president. They love power. (Check Presidential Power by Neudstadt.) It's up to us to make sure they use that power for our benefit.

One thing Bush supporters have to reckon with. He was a failed businessman and left his investors high and dry. I believe that some diligent Democrat will uncover this information for the benefit of the general public.

The Bush's were involved also in the Silverado Savings and Loan bank failure which happened under Herbert Walker Bush and was covered up quickly.

As to another term with Clinton, you want corruption? If Bush gets in "you ain't seen nothin' yet". Anyone who looks at the political process in Texas doesn't have to turn over many rocks. The preceding statement was an unpaid political announcement.