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Posted By: Continuity Jones
19-Aug-12 - 03:12 PM
Thread Name: Do you buy Fender and Gibson products ?
Subject: RE: Do you buy Fender and Gibson products ?
I know what you mean Henry, I try not to buy anything made in America - even if it has a safe European badge, like Mercedes. I'd hate to think I was contributing to the US way of life, the way all those immigrants have almost wiped out the native population. That's a terrible state of affairs. Plus, they - and I mean the whole of America - think they run the world, like they're the world police. And get this - American's are all so fat, that if they stopped eating half their food, a scientist in Alaska reckoned that global warming would cease due to the cut in methane excretion from Americans and cows. Plus, I hear that they were late joining in against the Nazis as they were waiting to see which side would win because they're all cowards - all of them, even the little girls and boys who are too little to know what Coward means. Apparently it's in their genes now - and get this - I hear Americans stole their genes from Europeans anyhow. But the main thing for me is, once somebody gave me an American made guitar lead and it was rubbish. It broke after two weeks. I bought a good old European one and it's still going strong. Some American's moved next door to me recently, but they were eaten by the Chinese couple down the road when their massive American car got stuck in the sand dunes as they drove onto the beach for a paddle. And one more thing - see that Barack Obama? He's an American he claims and that's not an American name. How American is that? To have a fake American as president. Americans eh? You cannot trust them an inch. And I'm not talking bullshit about American products. I'm expressing my opinion. I think they're junk. Garbage. Trash. Rubbish.