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Posted By: GUEST,Mike in MD
11-Nov-00 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: american politics is a joke
Subject: RE: american politics is a joke
A couple of thoughts:

We are witness to election as junior high school food fight! Regardless of whom you supported, or who emerges as the winner, neither side has acquitted itself very well.

I don't believe Richard Nixon had many fine moments, but his finest may have been in not challenging the 1960 election, sparing the country the kind of mess we are seeing now. His next finest moment may have been resigning rather than having the country endure his impeachment and trial (true, the only reason he resigned was because he knew he would lose and be removed!)

Depite our faults, and they are many, this country has provided a greater degree of freedom (not necessarily equality, but freedom) to more folks for a longer period of time than most others. We shouldn't rest on our laurels, but we deserve some points for what we've done.

For over 200 years, we have had peaceful transfers of power, in war and peace, from party to party, following assassination and other sudden death, and in resignation. Come January 20, Gov. Bush or V.P. Gore will become president. This too, shall pass.

The republic will survive.