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Posted By: Linda Allen
10-Nov-00 - 12:03 AM
Thread Name: Add: Election song: He Voted For Nader(LindaAllen)
Subject: Election songs?
Here we go. I think we could use a little humor. Here's a song I hope will become obsolete in a very short time! Pardon the lack of line breaks -- I know there's a way to do it but I lost it again! Sorry - Linda

Words: Linda Allen Tune: Satisfied Mind by Red Hays & Jack Rhodes

He Voted for Nader

He voted for Nader She voted for Gore She said, "It's all your fault What we're headin' for Take the kids to the cellar Douse the lights, bolt the door Why didn't you listen And just vote for Gore

I know you're a dreamer But look what you've done Big business run riot Every man with a gun Pollution so heavy We'll scarce draw a breath No pure water flowing And no forests left

Now Nader's a good guy We all did agree He'd fight for the planet Halt the forces of greed But there was no point in voting For a guy can't win But you voted your conscience And Bush shuffled in

Now our friends and our neighbors Know that you were the one They're coming to get you For the bad thing you done And I used to love you But I don't any more You voted for Nader I voted for Gore