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Posted By: Don Firth
08-Jun-12 - 02:02 PM
Thread Name: Bad days in Seattle folk scene
Subject: RE: Bad days in Seattle folk scene
I travel the neighborhood in an electric wheelchair. When I'm on Broadway Avenue East, I have to be particularly alert because of skateboarders and people with cell phones. I can't go for more than half a block without having to yell at someone chattering on a cell phone and not paying attention to what's around them, or they're wind up in my lap!

I'm looking forward to the day when I see one of these zombies with a cell phone grafted to their ear walk forehead first into one of the metal light poles along Broadway. They make a very pleasant "BONG!!"

There are curb cuts (short ramps) on all of the corners. When I'm using one of these ramps to cross the street, I've been sworn at by skateboarders who think the city put them there for their use!

I once saw some kid on a skateboard (pants at half-mast) zooming downhill in the middle of Pine Street past the Paramount theateróright in the middle of heavy trafficóheading west. He was moving fast, weaving in an out between cars. He had a number of very busy cross-streets to negotiate before he plowed through the north end of the Pike Place Market, bounced off the viaduct, and somersaulted into Elliot Bay. I've often wondered how that journey ended.

If the kid ended up the way he could easily have, it most definitely would have merited a Darwin Award nomination.

Actually, I should point out two things:   1) even though Seattle has experienced a seven-fold increase in gun related homicides within the last couple of years, it still has the lowest rate of such incidents in cities of comparable size; and 2) these shooting incidents are not actually related to the Seattle folk music scene.

Don Firth