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Posted By: John P
07-Jun-12 - 10:37 AM
Thread Name: Bad days in Seattle folk scene
Subject: RE: Bad days in Seattle folk scene
In Washington state it is illegal to deny a concealed weapons permit to anyone who has not committed a crime. The shooter in this case was insane, and everyone around him knew it. Were it legal to have been performed, any kind of background check except for looking up felony convictions would have convinced any sane person that he should not have been given a permit to own a gun, much less carry one in public. We are not allowed to have even that much control over who is standing next to us in a restaurant with a loaded gun.

mg, I think the point of the National Guard being the Constitutional militia is that it implies that the number of people with guns in public would be very small due to guns in public being illegal. The need for help when a shooter starts to shoot would be extremely rare. Yes, people could still get guns illegally, but it would be a lot harder and would require people like the shooter in this case to become criminals before they could get a gun. Given that a gun in the home of a law-abiding citizen is four times more likely to be used on a family member or friend than on an armed burglar or rapist, I'll take my chances with most gun ownership being illegal.

While I'm not quite as vehement about visiting Seattle as Bob is (I work there), there are parts of town that I simply won't go to, and I won't go downtown at night. I feel like my right to live in a secure society is being trampled by people who can't read the Second Amendment and who spend vast sums of money to support gun violence.