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Posted By: Genie
30-May-12 - 01:23 AM
Thread Name: singarounds Northwest Folklife Festival
Subject: RE: singarounds Northwest Folklife Festival
I missed a good part of the festival too, Haruo, by volunteering to work in the participants' hospitality area for 4 hours Sunday afternoon (after which - walking around on that concrete floor the entire time and carrying 6-packs or cases of beverages - I was so stiff and sore that I had to sit down there for another 45 min. before venturing back out to the festival).   Sad to say, there was not a lot of music going on in the hospitality area during my shift either, except for the ubiquitous old time fiddlers.   And when I got around to checking out the Center House court, I heard 20 min. of Scandihoovian music (which was good), only to find there would be a whole hour of dead space in that area before the Balkan music started.   I encountered several instances of those "breaks" between acts, plus a lot of stages shut down early. So, on the whole, Sunday was a bit of disappointment, except for running into a good number of old (and current) friends at the Balkan dance area later Sunday evening. I was way too stiff and sore to dare dance on the horrible Center House "dance floor" (two-by-fours placed together on end over concrete - a floor that was designed and used for driving tanks onto during WWII). But the Balkan music and friend meeting was great.

Peter, I'm sorry I missed you guys on Sunday too, but it's partly my fault for volunteering for that particular shift in the hospitality room.   Plus, it's the nature of the Folklife experience to find yourself wanting to be 3 places (or more) at once and to find whatever tentative "schedule" you've made for yourself being pretty much disregarded in favor of the unanticipated events.   I'm sorry Viv wasn't able to get you and the Black Sheep onto the stage for one of the scheduled events, but she tells me you're hoping to be back next year - ON the program and with some gigs in the NW before and/or after the festival too.   I sure hope that can happen.    It was a delight to meet you and join in on your singing Friday evening in the hospitality area.

Monday was a good jamming day for me. First at Bluegrass Hill, later at the "Jamming Tent," and later on in the hospitality area.   Plus I got to catch some very good music acts, such as Klapa Doowoppala (fusion of Serbian folk music and American doo wop), The Unpaid Bills (with Jim Portillo filling in for one of the Bills, Bill Murlin, who was recovering from laryngitis), and a number of buskers.

Note to self: next year, volunteer to do some work for the Festival BEFORE the festival even starts, so as to be free to wander wherever I want, whenever, during the festival.