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Posted By: Megan L
08-May-12 - 02:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Need some extra 'oomph' thoughts, please
Subject: RE: BS: Need some extra 'oomph' thoughts, please
Gnu Skelp ye ken fine I hiv an over active imagination and the first part o yer statement will fuel nightmares fur a week :)

Now remember fowks the old saying is "Some fowk see the glass as half empty some fowk see it as half full" yer names no Dauvit so ye dont get awa wie sayin "Who the heck stole ma flamin glass"

Dont walk around looking down ye canny see the seagull that tries tae lay an egg in yer hair. Dont walk around looking up for low flying seagulls, you wont see the great big muddy puddle till ye fall in it. Dont walk around looking backwards ye wilny see the lampost in yer path. Instead walk around with your head up so people can see yer bonny smile, looking forward to all the good things you are working towards and with a spring in yer step and a song in yer heart it is infectious the rest of you catches the warmth and folk notice the new glow comming from inside you.