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Posted By: Ferrara
03-Nov-00 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 2001-Which dates?
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway 2001-Which dates?
And, Jeri, Charlie has already suggested golf carts or an equivalent.

Camp Letts was heated, and there was a working fireplace in the dining hall at Prince William Forest Park, so we have never before had to hold late night sings in an unheated room in the cold. We want to plan for that as best we can. (The fireplaces at Ramblewood are very old and it would cost a bundle to bring them up to code, so we can't use them.) So -- any suggestions? Whatever suggestions we think of will have to be OK'd by the camp.

Maybe they'll warm us 150 hot bricks to put under our feet.... Or hot potatoes? We can eat 'em for a late night snack when we're done singing. OK, let's hear some more suggestions. We can't all share Pam's fireman.

We're sending out feedback questionnaires with this year's directory of Getaway attendees. So you can help a lot with the planning for next year if you send 'em back to us!

BTW, one reason for moving to Ramblewood was to allow us to have more people at the Getaway. It has occurred to me that, mostly, only people who have already been to the Getaway read these Getaway threads. So, if you know people you think would love and appreciate the Getaway, tell 'em about it when you see 'em at Mudcat gatherings, NOMAD, etc.