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Posted By: katlaughing
20-Mar-12 - 06:56 PM
Thread Name: Art Thieme-UPDATE - 20 March 2012
Subject: RE: Art Thieme-UPDATE - He's BACK!!!
Well, he is still there and doing okay. Ups and downs, but glad to hear from you all via my phone call (I read him your messages.) Carol was asleep. He said she's had her ups and downs but they have really good psychiatric help and, when he has a tough day, he keeps reminding himself it is the best place for them both to be. Friends in town (the Donnellys? I know they've posted to this) have had him over to their house and brought in live music for St. Patrick's Day.

He esp. was glad I called because he wanted me to pass on a message. His computer went nuts, they think because of Norton, so his son, Chris, has it at home to talk some sense into it. He is still going to PT and does find it difficult to type, but doesn't think a VOC program would be much help because of his inconsistent voice quality and ability. It sounds like short phone calls are the best way to stay in touch, for now.

He said, they used to tell him 70 was old and, now...he knows it! He and Carol just had their 45th anniversary in January.

That's all for now,