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Posted By: matt milton
19-Mar-12 - 08:18 AM
Thread Name: Guardian on 'Shuffle Folk', 'Weirdlore'
Subject: RE: Guardian on 'Shuffle Folk', 'Weirdlore'
Yes, I thought exactly the same about Kearney and Farrell. I have no idea what they're doing on that bill. To be fair to the programming, they are the odd ones out though.

Have you listened to Mary Hampton's stuff Jack? I thought her most recent album, "Folly" was terrific stuff. Though you might find that a bit twee too (me, I think it's no more twee than Alan Garner or M.R. James)

And it's interesting to see you're a fan of Anne Briggs. I would never in a million years suggest Anne Briggs is twee, or that she has a "breathy" voice, but she is closer to that end of the scale than the Margaret Barry end, say. There's a danger in throwing the baby out with the bathwater sometimes - while I too hate coy breathy girly affectations, I do appreciate the fact that some female singers have airy, softy voices than others.