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Posted By: matt milton
19-Mar-12 - 06:52 AM
Thread Name: Guardian on 'Shuffle Folk', 'Weirdlore'
Subject: RE: Guardian on 'Shuffle Folk', 'Weirdlore'
Since when did lack of bass = tweeness?! Meredith Monk has done plenty of work that's bass-shy, for one thing, though I wouldn't call her twee! (I would call her "new age bubblebath muzak" on occasion, though - her worst stuff can be a bit ECM)

The Sproatly Smith to my ears didn't sound twee, so much as very 70s pastoral, though they use enough sampled-sound collage jolts and juxtapositions to keep it bracing, in my humble opinion. The breathy vocals sounded more like understatement to me than a twee affectation: they're clearly not trying to sound cute, the way breathy vox normally are. I don't get any of that "hello trees" lullabye hippy coyness from Sproatly Smith, they sounded a little more clever than that.

Don't think there is a folk Meridith Monk. I'm not sure that's really possible anyway: were the folkish elements in minimalism to be more overt, then it wouldn't really be minimalism anymore. Or rather, the closest you get is probably Shirley Collins singing to her sister's portative organ. (Which is a lot better than Meredith Monk anyway.)