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Posted By: Jo King
01-Nov-00 - 03:06 AM
Thread Name: Canadian Election: Nov. 27, 2000
Subject: RE: Canadian Election: Nov. 27, 2000
Hi folks, I was initially somewhat disturbed by the degree of negativity in this debate. I thought that it may stem from some people's desire for change, and other's fears of the unknown, and a perceived threat to a level of tolerance, to which Canadians have become accustomed. In steping back I found it encouraging that there is no shortage of concern in the electorate. This is a neccessary attribute in my view, because no matter who wins and by what margin people need to be active, in order to have their voices heard between polling dates. As for Stockwell? He leads the Alliance. They have direct roots in the Reform party. The Reform party held views that threatened a sense of social tolerance that I hold very dear to me. The Alliance has a history. The past actions and beliefs in the Reform days are not erased by the formation of the Alliance. It just does not work that way in this voter's mind. Do I trust Stockwell Day? Not as far as I could throw him. Do I trust Jean Cretien? Well I believe I could throw him further. In the mean time I will be receptive to new information, and prepared to voice my opinions as the new mandate begins. I hope everone joins me in this committment, regardless of who they intend to vote for. Be well, Jo King