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Posted By: Jon Freeman
29-Oct-00 - 10:35 AM
Thread Name: Are Seagulls Plywood?
Subject: RE: Are Seagulls Plywood?
The blind test is an interesting one... This was not a blind test but is related. A couple of months ago, I tried a friends Hohner. As a general rule, I hate Hohner guitars and this one was something like 100 complete with a pickup. My initial thoughts were "this is going to be crap" but it wasn't - it played well and sounded good, probably more like a 300 guitar (if we can value such things).

I guess my message here is be open to try anything and judge by your own ears, hands etc. There are bargains around but you need to take the time to try them and be open to the possibility of the least likely candidate turning out to be a goodun.