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Posted By: Vic Smith
15-Jan-12 - 06:34 PM
Thread Name: Ewan MacColl's trousers
Subject: RE: Ewan MacColl's trousers
Jim, It may escape your notice but the whole intention of this entire thread is to have a bit of fun. No-one is trying to score points or offend. I joined this thread when it became obvious that the whole point of it was to parody the deadly serious, repetitive arguments from entrenched positions that dominate MacColl threads on Mudcat. Further up this thread, Derek Schofield takes the piss out of one of my sincere beliefs. What do I do? I laugh heartily and join in the joke.

Look at the opening post on the thread that I started called M. Carthy on The Critics Group - Radio 4 . With the link to the programme, I wrote Vic Smith posts this then hurries to his bomb shelter before another battle in the Mudcat MacColl Wars breaks out. Shall I tell you why I posted those words? It was in the hope that some sensible discussion would take place without tired, turgid re-enactments of previous discussions. Follow the thread through and you will see how quickly my hopes were dashed and you, Jim, are as guilty as any of negative comments as part of your arguments.

Now, kindly leave this particular discussion to those who wish to be silly before my research uncovers any more Carroll-trouser related evidence.