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Posted By: Vic Smith
15-Jan-12 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: Ewan MacColl's trousers
Subject: RE: Ewan MacColl's trousers
The Ballydehob-Beckenham Connection proved at last!
When he was married to Joan Littlewood and before his all-absorbing involvement with folk song, Ewan MacColl was involved in the highly successful Theatre Workshop, a collective that in its early days toured shows aimed at working-class audiences in the North of England. As well as acting with this company, MacColl did a good deal of their writing. One of most successful of all Theatre Workshop's productions was MacColl's adaptation for the stage of Hasek's novel entitled......The Good Soldier Schweik!


Now, apart from the obvious link to the nom de plume of an important contributor to this thread, this particular fact would not be of particular relevance to this thread until one considers a significant and highly relevant passage from Jaroslav Hasek's great work which reads (in translation to English):-
Schweik sensed the gravity of the situation.
He jumped up just as he was, with his trousers down and belt around his neck, and having used the scrap of paper in the very last moment he roared out: 'Halt! Up! Attention! Eyes right!' and saluted. Two sections with their trousers down and their belts around their necks rose over the latrines.
The major-general smiled affably and said: 'At ease. Carry on!'

Haf you viped your arsch?' the major general asked Schweik.
'Humbly report sir, everything's in order.'
'Von't you sheet no more?'
'Humbly report sir, I've finished.'
'Vell now pull your hoses op and shtand at attention again'

Well, I feel that the signifance of this passage needs no further explanation or amplification from any of us.