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Posted By: Thyme2dream
28-Oct-00 - 01:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Are you your own person?
Subject: RE: BS: Are you your own person?
I guess you could say I'm my kids' own person...motherhood is my chosen career at present, and part of the 'career' includes a job that I don't really love, but it sort of pays the bills. I know there are women out there who sucessfully balance homelife and a REAL career, but I don't seem to be one of those...things are a lot more peaceful around my house since I quit trying out every new creative but risky way to earn a living that popped into my head, and settled into a mundane but steady job!

I don't resent my current situation in life...bein a mum is a lot of fun in between the stress-chaos stuff, and I can always look forward to future times when I'll be free to take the risks I'm avoiding just now and go out in search of a more creative way to earn a living!