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Posted By: gnu
13-Jan-12 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Well said, Bobert. And, as much as dislike saying it, he deserves to be believed. "Every dog is entitled to his first bite." That is the law in these here parts.

Even tho I would like to smack him, on accounta he ain't a dog and, as a grown man, he has responsibilities to know right from wrong and not blame his actions on his earlier downtrodden life, somethin just tells me in me heart he deserves a second chance. EVEN THO I wanna smack him REAL bad. If he can help stem this unreal crap that he was part of, at least that is a good reason to let him off, no matter if he doesn't mean what he says.

Make any sense? I mean, besides the fact that I would seriously like to smack him. Maybe more than once. I suppose that is barabaric as well, but that's the way I feel.