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Posted By: GUEST,Barry Finn
28-Oct-00 - 12:40 AM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
I thought I took in at least a fair share of all that went on even by trying to only take in half of one workshop so's to be able to catch half of another but I can see that this FSGW thing needs to be stretched into a week long event. Dick & Susan & Max kicked off Sat morning it was a perfect touch to get to see new & old m'catters. The shanty session with a tide pool for a backdrop was a great splash, & RIB had a seriously soused drinking song session. PJ Swan's mouthing was nothing less than spectular music, it was a real treat to have hooked up with her. Then the Sat. evening concert was excellent, what a wide array of so much talent. Then on to the late night with it's catch all down home party style was blast & just when you'd (at least me) thought, whoa time for a bit of shut eye only to find the mudcat cabin alive, awake & jumping with folk1234, Allen, Jeri, Max, Moonjen, Dani, Tinker, PJ, JAB & RIB, so much for the shut eye. Time to wake up to a cold shower, no way, on a Sun morn. eat & then come back to some hot water just in time to start off another day in music heaven. Dan & Bonnie Milner were loaded & hunting for bear with the songs they were dog & with the way they were singing them. Then Lani was a knock out with voice, bow & fiddle. Then Big Mick's struggling songs was quite moving with all the emotions that were flying with Sandy's My Ol Man & Dani's Deportee & Karen's song & all the others that my danm memory won't recall. Dick Swain & Nancy as always were super & Moonjen put on quite the show with Big Mick doing a dany job of closing for her. Then time for another bite & off to another no less than the night before's concert to be followed by another no less the the night before's evening session. Looking back I can see I only made it to about 1/3rd of the worshops & still I was rooling in the clover with what I did catch. The informal singing though really the ice cream though, I can't begin to recall all that passed but Bill D has a great funny bone when it comes to songs & what Rita was singing you had to be there to really get the full impack, Judy Cook sung some ballad (danm if can't remember it, was to steal it so bad) that from start to finish had put my jaw on the floor then she goes & sings a Berryman song that had everyone else on the floor dying for more yoddles. Joe Offer could lead the angel Gabriel in choir. Geeze I've missed so many & it's all starting to blur, I'm ready to head back next week never mind next year. I guess the up side of having a lously memory is I'd never come down if I could remeber it all. My best to Rita, Jennifer, Dolores & Don, Charlie, Bill, Judy & Dennis & to the many others that made this happen, THANKS. Goodnite, Barry who'shumminghiswaytobed.