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Posted By: Allan C.
26-Oct-00 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: Trouble remembering names?
Subject: RE: Trouble remembering names?
I freeze up at the moment of introductions. Once at a party the moment came to introduce my partner to someone with whom I had worked for more than five years. I remembered my partner's name but could not dredge up the name of my coworker. I realized this halfway through the introduction. So, I faked choking on my drink and coughed my way toward the liquid refreshments. After taking the time to swallow something cool I returned, only to find that the two had stood in a state of suspended animation awaiting the completion of the introduction. I began again and once again, before the need of recalling the coworker's name, I had another coughing fit. Still neither of them filled in the blanks to finish the introduction. Ultimately, I gagged my way to another room and stayed there. I don't know if my partner ever learned the name of my coworker.

This kind of thing happens to me nearly every time I attempt an introduction. I might recall the appropriate names five minutes before; but upon making introductions, at least one name is sure to vanish.

(Redford & Newman, BTW)