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Posted By: GUEST,Suibhne Astray
26-Dec-11 - 05:37 AM
Thread Name: Alternative Folk Awards
Subject: RE: Alternative Folk Awards
I've lived with it for about forty years abusing me every bloody chance it got.

Thirty-five years for me - or is it 36? In which time I've been happily exploring the Outer Limits of Folk fully aware that not everyone will get it (though I've been getting top reviews since 1983) largely because of the MOR Easy Listening Folk-factor which is complete anathema to my particular thang. There are significant exceptions to this of course, but I like my Folk Americana gruff, rough & trad, or else out there in the Alt Country belt with Welch & Rawlings, The Holy Modal Rounders and Michael Hurley. Ever heard Michael Hurley, BAW? He's a legendary cult singer-songwriter with real soul; as pure a drop as Jim Eldon - his songs that cut straight to the heart although around here he's usually dismissed as being 'weird' (more folk Marmite I guess). Try this anyway:

The old songs draw me in though as being more vivid & immediate & altogether more musical than most things being written today; too many messages, sentiments, agendas, meanings... I'm waiting for the Grayson Perry of Folk to show up - maybe they already have & I missed them - but for a working class nostaligically inclined old hippy prog punk medieval free improvising traddy nudging into his 50-something years then I'm just happy to take each day as it comes.

Agree with you about Zappa and Hendrix though, and the kids who gather in the music shops of Liverpool & MCR at weekends to whom their legacy is now is second nature. I've seen 13-year-old girls who could give Steve Vai a run for his money & once I listened to a young bassist in L'pool trying out (appropriately enough) a Hofner HCT500-1 and I was weeping, man! He could have only been 14, and he was playing the most amazing modal things you wouldn't believe. This is Living Traditional Ethnic Music in the context of culture & community & individual genius. Whatever Ghosts of Folk Future have in store for us, I'm more than happy that MUSIC is in good hands. Best we ageing farts can do is BE GLAD that the song well & truly has NO ENDING & get on with our own shit accordingly.

S O'P (on the Second Day of Christmas already Limbering up for some New Year Resolutions - at least as far as my bad back will allow... fetch me my lumber roll!)