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Posted By: Charlie Baum
26-Oct-00 - 02:08 PM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
This being the first year we're at Ramblewood, it's okay that we didn't know the rules. The camp administration was very understanding--after all they didn't know our rules and habits either. It's an unusual group (like ours) that defines the weekend as still going on 10 hours after midnight on Sunday. And we'll know more about what we're expected to do next year, and make sure that we appoint responsible individuals to oversee things like cleaning up after the Friday evening potluck.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with duties impromptu--we'll probably have to be a little more formal about assigning responsibilities next year.

And we'll try to have more directional signs next year, to help strangers find their way to the dining hall and whatnot. In the process of each and every organizer having a week from hell the previous week, signs fell by the wayside. But I'm amazed that almost everyone still managed to find their way around a camp that was new and strange to almost everybody!

--Charlie Baum