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Posted By: katlaughing
26-Oct-00 - 10:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Are you your own person?
Subject: RE: BS: Are you your own person?
Miriam, Welcome to the Mudcat and thanks for sharing your info and your website with us. It looks very interesting; I will take a better look when I have more time. Coming out must've taken a lot of courage.

Jim, I may speak confidently, but I don't feel in control a lot of the time because there are, quite literally, things beyond my control, personal and otherwise. BUT, I do feel fairly happy; a little antsy not knowing where the next move will be, but sure in the knowledge that there must be a next move.

My *climbing gear* includes a lot of good, good friends, several of them Mudcatters, who throw me a rope or pound in a pylon, a lot of times. I have never done anything without a lot of support and encouragement from others. I've always just tried to roll with the punches and get up to try, again. When I figured out some metaphysics, I learned to give thanks for the things I wanted to bring into my life and that has wound up working out pretty well. I don't always get what I think I want, as I always qualify it with a "this something better for the highest good of all concerned."

Your project sounds fantastic!! I love old theatres and to combine them with music is wonderful! Whereabouts in Kentucky is it? My son works in Louisville. How wonderful that you are seeing the rewards of your career/life choices! Sounds like we ought to have a Mudcat gathering there sometime!