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Posted By: JamesJim
26-Oct-00 - 01:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Are you your own person?
Subject: RE: BS: Are you your own person?
Kat, I'm in and out of Mudcat and not really as acquainted with the folks here as I would like to be. I can honestly say, I learned a great deal about you from your brief response. It's good to see someone who really is in control and enjoying life. We all have hills to climb in our life and they often appear out of nowhere. You seem to recognize them quickly and breakout the climbing gear.

I spent 28 years as an executive with a very large insurance brokerage firm (our British friends will surely recognize the name "Willis" - once known as Willis Faber, then Willis Corroon, now just "Willis)." I've had my share of hills in this life, but I was very fortunate to work for a Company that allowed me to manage my own operation (the company is really what is known as a "holding company," meaning it merely acquired agencies and allows them to continue operating under certain corporate guidelines).

My good job led to good fortune, which led me to early retirement. And... now I find myself working on a project dear to my heart. Soon, a dear friend (John Gage)and myself will produce a public radio show, filled with Kentucky folk artists. We have incredible talent here in this state and we intend to bring it to as many people as we possibly can, via the airways. We have the perfect venue, that being an old downtown movie theater (seats about 200). We have already had one sell out concert in it and it was great. We are working to renovate the theater and bring it back to it's glory days (at least as much as possible).

Kat, I admire people who have a dream and go for it. I have always loved music and now I am really immersed in something special. It's true, I do not have to be concerned with making a living at it, thus the pressures felt by many who responded to this thread, are not there for me (I really admire those with the conviction and talent to make their living as a folk singer - God knows it surely isn't easy). I have had my share of pressure and could have chosen an easier route in life (something different than my career). Something or Someone gave me the drive and desire to succeed (you know, it might have just been "fear." The fear of failure is a powerful thing). Whatever it was, I'll be forever grateful for it -- now I can devote my time to a perhaps, more worthy cause.