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Posted By: katlaughing
26-Oct-00 - 01:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Are you your own person?
Subject: RE: BS: Are you your own person?
JamesJim, glad you cleared that up. I was just going to give you an honest answer to what I thought you'd plainly asked, but then I decided not to because everyone else had interpreted it differently. *BG*

I have had the great good fortune to work for myself for many years, with the monetary and moral support of my SO, Rog. I never made a lot of money, but that was not the object. It allowed me to be home when my kids were home before and after school and to work at things which I loved/love doing: writing; jewelry-design; original classical music promotion, publishing and producing; non-profit arts development; sales of all kinds of those tacky plastic promotional items; my own pseudo ad agency which was a blast.

Motivation was always to be able to be there for my kids and to work at something I enjoyed and believed in. I have really been blessed to have such a supportive partner. Of course, he says I paid plenty of dues before meeting him, as a single mom of three, and I am inclined to agree with him.

It has cost us. We have nothing in assets to speak of, but neither one of us regrets it nor would we want to go back and change it.

We tried Rog working freelance (boradcast engineer) for about 4 years and it went really well until the Venezuelan exchange rate went sky high and his clients couldn't afford to pay us, so we lost $20,000 in a signed contract, work completed, BUT neither one of us regrets the experience at all. In some ways it was good for his soul, he fell in love with the country and the people and would go back in a heartbeat, although they'd have to pay 100% UPFRONT with a paid for round trip plane ticket!:-)

Now, he's been working for someone else for 4 years on call 24/7/365 and he is worn out. The job never gets left behind. With the downsizing we are doing and moving in with our daughter, we are hoping to save some money and buy him some time to rest, think, and figure out what it is he wants to do, as he cannot go on working at this rate. After a few months off, he may go to work for someone else again as health insurance and the like are very important to us right now, BUT, if there is anyway we can figure out for him not to, that would be best.

Continuing with my writing, which is what I focus on mainly, now, I've just become more serious about it and joined a union (Hey! Big Mick, are you listening! I joined up!) and am hopeful that I can provide more of our income through the exclusive job listings they provide.

It's been 7 years since I've worked for anyone else. Hard for me to think of ever going back to that.

JamesJim, is this something you are thinking of doing? Going to work for yourself, or do you already? For those of you who are and say that it owns you, I would urge you to figure out a way to take a break. Seems to me part of the motivation of working for yourself or owning your own business would be so that you have some time to do things you enjoy, too. Sorry, I do not mean to offend.