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Posted By: Richie
12-Dec-11 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Billy Boy
Subject: RE: Origins: Billy Boy
Although attributed to Hector Macneill in 1791, a nearly identical text was printed in 1776 by David Herd, George Paton in Ancient and Modern Scottish Songs, titled "The Lammy." The first verse is repeated throughout:


"Whare hae ye been a' day, my boy, Tammy?
Whare hae ye been a' day, my boy, Tammy?"
"I've been by burn and flow'ry brae,
Meadow green, and mountain gray,
Courting o' this young thing,
Just come frae her mammy."

"And whare got ye that young thing, my boy, Tammy?"
"I gat her down in yonder how,
Smiling on a broomy know,
Herding ae wee lamb and ewe for her poor Mammy."

"What said ye to the bounie bairn, my boy, Tammy?"
"I praised her een, sae bonnie blue,
Her dimpled cheek, and cherry mou';
I pree'd it aft, as ye may trow; she said she'd tell her Mammy.

"I held her to my beating heart, my young, my smiling Lammie!
"I hae a house, it cost me dear;
I've wealth o' plenLshin' and gear;
Ye'se get it a' war't ten times mair, gin ye will leave your Mammy.'

"The smile gaed aff her bonnie face, "I manna leave my Mammy;
She's gi'en me meat, she's gi'en me claise,
She's been my comfort a' my days;
"my father's death brought mony waes--"I canna leave my Mammy;