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Posted By: sian, west wales
25-Oct-00 - 09:35 AM
Thread Name: Canadian Election: Nov. 27, 2000
Subject: RE: Canadian Election: Nov. 27, 2000
One good thing about this debate is that I've actually pulled my finger out to start looking at the manifestos on Party sites (although, living in Wales, I won't be voting this time 'round). I started with the Alliance, as that seems to be the one hogging the current discussion.

My first impression is that Stockwell Day is counting on people not questioning what he's saying. And, yes, I know, this is what all politicians hope for. Now, just dealing with things about which I have some knowledge, I quote from the Alliance statement:

"... in recent years, other countries have been pulling ahead of Canada. In a survey of the 25 wealthiest OECD countries, Canada's growth in standard of living was ranked 24th over the past decade (1988-98). Ireland, which ranked first, has moved from having half of Canada`s per capita income to almost the same income level in a mere ten years. "

Governments and most politicians have an obsession with growth, GDP 'n' stuff - hugely problematic in terms of sustainable development (gosh - phrases I thought I'd never be caught dead using on Mudcat!). You have to really think what long term environmental and social repercussions will arise from "growth".

SD flags up Ireland, pretty sure that no one will question it too much. But Ireland had HUGE investments of European money - more than most North Americans could ever imagine - and that came from ... taxes! And so what if it's moved so quickly? That isn't a slight on Canada - Ireland had huge problems, and major subsidies from the European pot (coupled with vision and determination on the part of the Irish) have provided a lot of solutions. Of course, not for all of Ireland. I don't suppose SD mentions the fact that Irish success has provided a very high level of prosperity for the Dublin catchment area - markedly less for Western Ireland. Or that prosperity has actually had a negative impact on the poorest 10% of the population. Apply that to Canada as you will...

OK - sorry - I'll get off my high horse. But that's the kind of smoke screen that too many politicians use. And when I can see through the bits that I know about ... why should I trust the rest?

I guess that's my cue for looking up the others now!

Willie-O... according to the Globe the quote had something to do with likening the Canadian brain-drain to the USA, north to south, to Lake Erie's flow to Lake Ontario ... except the Niagara flows south to north. Yeh - I thought it was pretty sh*tty of him to blame his writers too! Isn't that the second time he's shot himself in the foot on the brain-drain theme in 48 hours? God preserve us! sian, west wales