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Posted By: Tinker
25-Oct-00 - 09:20 AM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
Dani, I have to second all of the above. Ken made me think long and hard about bringing my kids next year. I can see my boys loving his stuff, and well, maybe we'll still let the teenage daughter stay home. I can't believe that the pile of Cd's I brought home doesn't have his... I really thought it did.HOW DO I FIX THIS MAJOR PROBLEM??? Nancy, the absolute joy Ken brings to his music is so contagious that you can't help but be pulled in ...
Found this quote while working today and it seems to apply to the whole weekend, but especially to Ken's style.
"Sing form the depths of your being, at the top of your voice. Clap your hands to the rhythm; stomp your feet to the beat. Let loose; throw away your inhibitions and your retraints. Let the pulse of the music become your pulse. Feel the resonance deep inside, and let your spirit and your soul soar to the greatest heights."Rabbi Wayne Dosick

I'm still soaring and drifting on the currents...From the Bench Chantey to Salacious Love from Giggles to Lullabyes there is a string of Joyousness woven through out
Thanks to Rita, and Jennifer and Charlie and all these others who made it happen.
The flashlight man who greeted me late Friday night as I drove in alone and was beginning to wonder just what I thought I was doing meeting strangers in a far dark wood..
To Moonjen for PM'S designed to make me feel that running off to meet strangers was really finding friends
To Jab and all the Catters, for all the concern and care, really, not singing solo did not mean fear on the contrary for the first time in years I got to watch and enjoy and learn with no demands, it was a great gift. And I did sing in the Blues Neighborhood .. all those bawdy blues need the female dialoge sometimes...Next year ...