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Posted By: Willie-O
25-Oct-00 - 08:22 AM
Thread Name: Canadian Election: Nov. 27, 2000
Subject: RE: Canadian Election: Nov. 27, 2000
Stock Day revealed a bit of his true self yesterday, and of the nature of his campaign. By the way, "Jason K" would appear to be Jason Kenney, his young campaign chief and it doesn't surprise me to see him spamming all kinds of mediums like this one. The Alliance campaign team is SLICK.

So yesterday, Mr. Day spoke in Niagara Falls, remarking from his Alberta perspective that Lake Ontario drains into Lake Erie. (Something somewhat less likely to happen than hell freezing over.) When questioned about this remarkable display of geographical ignorance, he blamed his speechwriters! DUHHHHHHHH.

Like I said, they're slick, getting great graphics in his photo-ops, but the message is lacking in basic accuracy.

Dave, re: bigotry in the Alliance. They have been trying to crack into the Maritimes by exploiting anti-Native sentiment which has been thrown into ugly visibility by recent fisheries events. This is quite consistent with their policies towards native rights elsewhere, which are that there ain't no such thing, now that we've taken all their land away, they shouldn't get it back because that would be "race-based policy" and would be wrong.

gonna hold my nose and vote Liveral (typo intentional) because the "alternative" scares me badly.