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Posted By: GUEST,Peter R. Snell
04-Dec-11 - 01:42 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Jonah and the Whale-2
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Jonah and the Whale-2
To all of the above,
Mark Graham, in an album called "Southern Old Time Harmonica" has the version below. He performs it with just some fine spoon-style rhythm with his harmonica doing some breaks and fills. It's a great jam tune to get everyone banging away. No chords. I've noted the first verse rhythm (roughly) to give it some feel (this may not come out well if some computers shift my spacing!), but see if you can find Graham doing it.

Jonah and the Whale

God sent Jonah down to Ninevah land

To preach the gospel to the wicked men
    1          2          3          4   | 1   2
And to repent his wicked ways
   3             4                   | 1       2       3
"I'm gonna overthrow the city in forty days"

         4 | 1   2             3       4 | 1   2 3          4 |   1 2             3       4
God moved    in the wind storm,      and he rose         in the wind storm
      1                     2          3      4 | 1 2
He troubled everybody in mind
So Jonah went down to the sea shore
He made up his mind which way to go
He got himself a ship and he paid his fare
But God got angry with Jonah down there


God saw the ship and he came in time
The captain of the ship had a trouble in mind
And then he went into the deep
Where he saw old Jonah there fast asleep


He said "Hey stranger tell me your name"
"My name is Jonah and I came from the king
And all this trouble's on account of me
Why don't you throw me over board and let the ship sail free"


So they threw old Jonah overboard
A whale came up and he swallowed him whole
He took him on over to Ninevah land
Where he threw up Jonah on a bar of sand


Repeat first verse
Last time: drop the two beats at end of "mind" – go straight into "God moved…":
    3            4               
…Mind, oh well now
God sent Jonah…

Choking Hazard Orcherstra