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Posted By: Jeri
23-Oct-00 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
Me: Tooke an 8 hour drive to Getaway that turned into over 10 hours because of bleeping NYC and the bleeping NJ turnpike. Spent Fri night thru Sun (about 2:15) at Getaway. Drove 9 hours home and arrived about 11:30. I HATE the NJ turnpike! Stayed up until almost 1AM reading "one more thread, me Johnny, one more thread, come rock and roll me over..." Got up at 6AM this morning and feigned conciousness through work.

On that bit in the middle - Fri night food and lotsa people singing in the main building. More singing in the cabin later. Sat - don't know what happened, but all the singing seemed rather quiet and polite. (I know a lot of people like this, but IMO singing's best when there's a mixture of rowdy and peaceful) That lasted until after the concert Sat night, but let me talk a bit about the concert.

I enjoyed it very much. Moonjen borrowed Tim (of VicTim - Vixen's sweetie) and did a wonderful song. (Duh - something about Georgia.) VicTim sang (duh again, but it was a good song). There was lots of great music, but the high point for me was the beautiful song (and tune) Lani Hermann sang - something about "Teach Me to Waltz." The tune itself is beautiful, but add some great words and an incredible arrangement, and you have people singing AND waltzing. Lani, if you happen to see this, where can I find words and tune? Well, another high point was Dan and Bonnie Milner, Also Dick Swain and Nancy Mattila (sp?)... I've got to stop some time!

Anyway, after the concert, we went back to the dining hall for make-your-own sundaes. Ken Schatz started a chantey and all hell broke loose, singing-wise. Folks were standing around in a circle. We wouldn't have just managed to get the sails hoisted, the anchors weighed and the pumps pumping - we would have just blown the whole damn ship out of the water. I actually left before it was over for fear I'd kill my vocal chords.

Back at the cabin, Mudcatters were still singing. We finally went to sleep, and I had a great time on Sun, even though I sounded like Janis Joplin without the talent.

Now - I'd like a report on Big Mick's workshop on Sun. He'd been practicing a song I like very much, but wasn't sure he was going to do it. Hope he did! I wish I could have been everywhere at once. I would have loved to hear Honey sing! I really enjoyed Lisa Null's voice workshop last year. Didn't have enough chance to talk to folks, either.

Oy - what a weekend!

(Oh, and just to make a long post longer, I bought a pile of CDs there, and listened to most of them on the way home. Not a less-than-wonderful one in the bunch! Thank you Folk Legacy and Camco - I actually enjoyed the drive home.)