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Posted By: Fortunato
23-Oct-00 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: Help: talking blues guitar playing
Subject: RE: Help: talking blues
From this distance I can only guess, but I'd like to try.

IMHOP the talking blues is played almost entirely in simple runs. Very little full chord strumming.
If you were in G: Strike the sixth string then hammer on the 5th. For the C chord strike the 5th string and hammer on the 4th. For D chord strike the 4th string bass run back into G. (on the 6th string: open, 2nd fret, third fret.

When the song requires do the hold in D by alternately hammering on the the third string and striking the 4th.
When these sound good to you you might add a few bass runs to it where they add texture.
Use a full strum only to resolve the end of the measure or at other times VERY sparely for accent.

If you keep it clean and spare it might sound better to you. Hope this helps. cheers, fortunato