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Posted By: Steve Parkes
23-Oct-00 - 12:08 PM
Thread Name: Trouble remembering names?
Subject: RE: Trouble remembering names?
This is something that runs in our family. My little brother, who is a psychiatric-trained nurse (and plays the saxophone; there's a link there if I could only ...) tells me it's called nominal dysphasia, which I can remember with nooo trouble. I got it from Mom, who got it from her mother; she had this trick of running through all the family names till she got to one that sounded reasonable, or until you just gave up and answered . Trouble is, she always started with the girls! I was Jean, Brenda, Albert more often than Stephen. Maybe that explains a lot ...

Songs' names are always much easier to remember than tunes', aren't they? The name of the song usually pops up in the words somewhere, or at least bears some relation to them. Tunes have names simply for convenience(!) but I get mixed up with, say, Jenny picking cockles and Jennie's chickens, not to mention The Fermoy lasses, which sounds like one of the first two (Which one? -- don't ask me!).

Does Nominal Dysphasia sound like a good name for a band? If so, I bags it first!!