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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
07-Nov-11 - 01:47 PM
Thread Name: 'Occupy English Folk Music!'
Subject: RE: 'Occupy English Folk Music!'
The 1954 definition can be very useful as a label. As I said earlier labels are absolutley essential in some case (Poison - Do no swallow, Danger - High Voltage and so on.) It is not quite so essential here but I can fully understand why people would want to make sure that they get 'what it says on the tin.' If you want to see and hear the version of folk music that you enjoy, then it must be very frustrating to go to a folk club and find it is full of Paul McCartny covers or American Indian music. OK - I can already hear the keyboards clicking 'Yes - but that is all good music and how do you know if you like it or not?' That is not the point. The hypothetical club goer may go to a dozen ethnic concerts a year. They may have a collection of evry song the Beatles ever made. But if they want to hear traditional folk music then they should be able to attend a folk club in the reasonable knowledge that at least part of the eveing will be dedicated to that form of music.

If I go, and don't like what I hear, I usualy leave. I can afford to forfeit the door money but I will not waste my time if I don't like it. Some people may not have that luxury. They may be able to ill afford the fee. They may have travelled for two hours by public transport to attend the gig. They deserve to get what they pay for. That is what the label is useful for.