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Posted By: The Shambles
23-Oct-00 - 06:48 AM
Thread Name: Trouble remembering names?
Subject: RE: Trouble remembering names?
Maybe it is those who can and do need to remember names that are in the minority?

When my wife and her parents have conversations, they can talk about and understand who they are speaking about without ever needing to mention a name. I just sit there and smile in wonder.

The following is a typical conversation. ….See if you can work out the 5 names of those being discussed here? Extra points for the film titles.

You know, that Welsh chap who won an Oscar for that one about the serial killer, the one with that girl who was in that film about cabs or something, when she was very young, you know with that Italian actor, who has a name like that Roman Emperor. Oh you must know him he was in all those Vietnam films. Yes you remember, that one with the woman that does all the funny accents, she was in that one about the river. You must know her, yes she was in that big film with him, you know him, that handsome one from that cowboy film about the two outlaws, nice teeth, you know…………