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Posted By: GutBucketeer
23-Oct-00 - 12:20 AM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
Subject: FSGW Getaway 2000 Memories
Wow, I guess I am first back and connected. I'm sitting and listening to Jed Marum's CD (1 of many I came home with) just trying to re-capture some of the great time I had.

Great Weather, Great Friends, Great Music!!!

The only things that I can think of that would have made it better are: More Mudcatters; Better Food; and of course much more time!

Mudcatville (our cabin) had a big central hall with 2 bedrooms on each side. On one side, the single girls (Moonjen, Dani, Jeri, Tinker, PJ, and Lani) stayed in 1 room. The single guys (JAB, Max, Joe Offer, Barry Finn, Allan C, Folk1234, and Big Mick) stayed in the other. Across the hall there was Roger from Baltimore and his wife, David Diamond, Dick Greenhouse (and wife ?), and Annamill/Annap and her husband Glen. Other mudcatter's at the Getaway inlcuded Momnopp/Judy0 (my ride up thanks again) Songster Bob and his wife Jennifer (Jennifer put the whole thing together. Thanks Jennifer), Bill D and Ferrara, Susan of DT, Dan and Bonnie Milner, Vixen and Reynard, MaryMac, Bert with family, Sandy and Caroline Patton, Fortunato and his wife Suzette, and many many others (total 39 'catters I think).

What Fun!

Highlights for me inlcuded:

Jeri singing...our cabin jams....Shanty Singing Saturday night listening to The Milners, Barry Finn, Ken Schotz, David Diamond, and others trade songs... The Mudcat Workshop, The Gospel Sing on Sunday Morning (Dani can sing folks)... taking a singing lesson with Lisa Null... our cabin jams ... hearing the gasps of those that dared the cold water showers Saturday Morning... earplugs ... and last but not least meeting everybody.

There, I got it started. Please continue... If I missed mentioning you It is not because I meant to. I just very very tired

JAB (with a smile on my face)...