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Posted By: John P
01-Nov-11 - 10:26 AM
Thread Name: Park records manufactures a folky band
Subject: RE: Park records manufactures a folky band
Emma, what I saw in their videos is a band that hasn't played together long enough. The individuals are quite skilled, but they haven't internalized their material yet. The songs are just a bit over-arranged and the band is focusing more on remembering the parts of the arrangement than on just playing it as a whole. In short, they are stiff on stage and the songs don't breathe.

The fact that they have "backing" probably means they are playing on stages they really aren't ready to play on yet. But that could be equally true if they formed themselves and found backing instead of being manufactured by a producer.

What I find interesting about them is their apparent newness to each other and to the material. They have enough skill that they will get better. I don't really care about the mechanism of their formation; it's none of my business and isn't really very interesting. I understand, however, that you find it interesting, and I support your right to think so. What I'm really curious about is whether you think it is automatically a negative aspect of the band, since there seemed to be a bit of that your remarks.