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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
28-Oct-11 - 03:38 PM
Thread Name: Park records manufactures a folky band
Subject: RE: Park records manufactures a folky band
Very interesting I see I have been accused of the green eyed monster, once again by supporters of the folkistocracy.

However i stick by my 'macrobiotic' comment. Its kind of understandable where its all come from, but none of it sets your mind on fire - artistically no one would cut their lughole off for this stuff.

BD has a fine DADGAD propulsive plectrum technique. The kind of people who go to folk clubs and sing Damien Rice songs will think this is fabulous. You can see JD more than Ashley's influence. Theres nothing more organic than a lad and his Dad making music. But when the Dad has been telling everybody what constitutes folk music for the last forty odd years - you'd expect the folk roots to be a little nearer the surface.

so like I say - more Steven Smith and Father, than the Carter family.

Park Records is in many ways the more interesting of the two. Park were forever advertising in the Bandit newsletter looking for new talent. When we had a recording studio way bck in the 1980's I sent them some remarkable young singer.songwriters, who never got the courtesy of a reply even. So I contacted them and asked them, what they would want to find in tomorrow's mail if their A and R dept was going to respond. They told me that they wanted a YOUNG, ETHNICALLY DIVERSE group. So after hanging round 20 years , they've decided to act out their fantasy.

I've always loved Come All You Fair and tender Maidens.   Its a great song, and full marks for choosing a Childe Ballad to openthe scoring. Like Fairport choosing Susanne, and The Johnstons doing Streets of London - it a respectable start - lets see how they run with it.

Okay not jealous, not malicious - just not hairs standing up on the back of the neck time. Understand.......? i doubt it.