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Posted By: Lox
25-Oct-11 - 01:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Palestine
Subject: RE: BS: Palestine
The highest respect that can be shown to the dead of Auschwitz is not to pussyfoot around the subject of their deaths, but to do what not enough people did for them which is to recognize poisonous racist and imperialist ideologies, policies and political processes and call them out.

The fundament of Nazism was singling out vulnerable groups and scapegoating them, and the notion that one group of people is superior and has a greater right to territory, resources and human rights that another.

So where this occurs, the point must be made, out of respect for the dead of auschwitz, that that kind of ideology is responsible for the deaths of millions and is contrary to all standards.

So when Keith singles out Pakistani males as being unique for ALL possessing a tendency to sexually abuse children, he must be told NO!

He must be told this out of respect for the dead of Auschwitz.

If he and others are not told this and not reminded of what crimes those kind of racist views have led to in country after country, from Spain to cambodia, then we are ignoring the cries of the dead and then we are truly showing them a lack of respect.

They did not die so that we would censor ourselves, but so we would speak out!