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Posted By: MGM·Lion
25-Oct-11 - 08:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Palestine
Subject: RE: BS: Palestine
Well, the "denigration of a whole culture" (which I did not 'support' Keith over, simply pointed out that he hadn't said what you claimed & even if he had he was perfectly entitled to express an opinion without being insulted by agenda-driven obsessive lefties like you raking up irrelevancies from other threads because that's the sort of obscurantist drivel they imbibed with their mother's milk) is NOT the same thing as what the Nazis did to the Jews ~~ or can you point to any pseudo-scientific research into Pakistani brain-patterns carried out by qualified scientists in laboratory conditions to demonstrate that they have all got to GO because Mein Führer doesn't like them? Followed by their corpses being piled in mountains because there was nowhere to put them.

You are a doctrinaire booby, Carroll, & I hereby vow & swear not to waste another single pressure on a typing-finger attempting to dispute your fatuities.