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Posted By: MGM·Lion
25-Oct-11 - 03:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: Palestine
Subject: RE: BS: Palestine
Away from this thread for a couple of days. Now find myself greatly exercised as to what DonT is getting so aerated about. I mean, what put-in of his if I speak my mind to J Carroll on a point between Jim and me, that Don should get his knickers in such a twist? Why any of his big bizniz?

And isn't he being a bit patronising to Jim? Does he really believe poor little J need D's mighty assistance because incapable of fighting his own corner? Ah diddums. (Not but what the confused, indeed near-gibberish, self-contradictions of JC's last 2 or 3 posts might perhaps lend some credence to such a view; but I somehow doubt if that is the point Don meant to make!).

His sobriquet does seem well chosen, mind:

What you see ~~

         ~an aggressive ill-mannered, irrational, officious prodnose ~

~~is indeed what you get, eh Catters?