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Posted By: Jim Carroll
23-Oct-11 - 02:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: Palestine
Subject: RE: BS: Palestine
"Are you suggesting some such research regarding the Palestinian Arabs has been carried on in Israeli universities? "
No - of course I'm bloody not, and well you know it (are you really suggesting that your reaction would have been as bland as this if I had made such an obscene suggestion)
I am making the point that presenting 'the enemy' (in this case Muslims) as degenerates, parasites, a threat to our way of life, our children.... whatever give the option of dealing with them in any way you wish.
The Nazis depicted the Jews (after "scientific research by doctors such as Mengele) as racially inferior parasites who threatened the German way of life - giving themselves the right to slaughter 6m of them.
Keith presents all male Pakistani Muslims in Britain as potential perverts who have to guard against their "cultural implants" to stop themselves from having sex with underage girls - that is the enormity of the statement he made (him, nobody else); that is the depth of his racism - and your nodding it though as not racist.
Please don't insult what little intelligence I might have.
"I genuinely think you are losing it."
And I genuinely think that you are living proof that a good education might pass on knowledge but it does little for common sense (or compassion, for that matter).
Were you aware that you always bluster and tell people not to make fools of themselves whenever you find yourself in a corner
Jim Carroll