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Posted By: MGM·Lion
23-Oct-11 - 04:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Palestine
Subject: RE: BS: Palestine
---You have chosen to suppport what Israel does by a mixture of ignoring and refusing to discuss its actions and by writing it off as "what Israel might become".---
No I haven't Jim. You are either deliberately lying or deliberately misrepresenting me by ignoring my previous posts on the subject {I suppose you will claim you "missed" them like that one of Bobad's which was a repetition of a previous one ~ how careless of you!}.

I repeat: I hate what Israel HAS become ~ I have no recourse to "in danger of becoming" or any such evasions. Even my still Jewish & Zionist relations (I am no longer either of these things ideologically) are the ones who are concerned about developments which, I repeat, I think have already occurred and which I have several times stated here I hate & deplore. Israel is one of the great disappointments of my life [you, as I have remarked previously also, are another]. I repeat:

my position is that I did not march & demonstrate & collect house-t-house in my teenage years to establish the sort of regime in which the army is sent in to destroy the olive-groves on which innocent people depend for their living in revenge for the activities of some of their co-religionists for which they are in no way responsible

~~ that was the event, years back now, that convinced me that the Israeli dream was dead beyond hope of salvation. & that, as I repeat, remains my position ~~

~~ which in no way alters my unshakeable view that your persistence in the use of terminology which you know to be provocative & unacceptable attracts the censure of antisemitism; that your continued refusal to moderate or modify or such accusations makes the antisemitism label all the more applicable to you; and that you enjoy wallowing in the supposed victim-status that such accusations, you appear to believe, confer on you.

Despicable, Jim.