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Posted By: Stringsinger
22-Oct-11 - 09:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Palestine
Subject: RE: BS: Palestine
The epithet "anti-semitic" begs the question of whether the Jews the world over approve of Israel's behavior and there are plenty who don't, rabbis included.
Also, Arabs are semitic.

The U.S. is not an honest broker when it comes to negotiating peace. Noam Chomsky suggests Brazil or another impartial country.

The inescapable point is that Jim Carroll is right in that Israel commits atrocities.
Hamas does also. Both need to be held accountable.

The lie is that paranoid Israel will be driven into the sea, a bogeyman for AIPAC propaganda.

No one is going to let that happen but Netanyahu will continue to do damage unless his actions are checked by the rational people who still live in Israel and can dump him.

If Iran is bombed, you can expect WWIII.