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Posted By: MGM·Lion
22-Oct-11 - 02:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Palestine
Subject: RE: BS: Palestine
You missed this bit tho, didn't you, Jim:~

"Indeed, the increased characterization or libeling of Israel as a "Nazi state" is tantamount to transforming ideological anti-Semitism into a duty -- the obligation to remove this Nazi state, Israel."
Now tell us you haven't said this [go on, hide behind your pathetic 'echoes']. You're quite liar enough; and obstinate enough to stick to your denial. Your evasive last few answers to me demonstrate, to any who have eyes to see, that you are enjoying being denounced as an antisemite [an accusation I have demonstrated you could easily encompass the withdrawal of by simply agreeing to moderate & modify your fatuous 'Nazi'&'Holocaust' parrotings], because you are enjoying the warm glow of victimhood it enables you to wallow in, the 'getting sick of ...', the status of poor little me that nobody understands; that sense that Kingsley Amis summarised so brilliantly in his essay "Why Lucky Jim Turned Right", of joining the lefty chorus of a million lone voices crying in the wilderness...

Another 'other' is the one who described you a bit back ~ can't remember who, but that is not the important point, as "Jim the Red at his stirrings again' ~ or WTTE.

Wallow on in your glass house, then, self-confessed embracer of the 'antisemite' label. Enjoy.