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Posted By: Kent Davis
21-Oct-11 - 11:16 PM
Thread Name: Child Ballads: US Versions
Subject: RE: Child Ballads: US Versions

I'm glad I could help a little on your wonderful project.

I don't know if this will work, or even be intelligible, but here is my attempt to reproduce the tune that Leonard Roberts collected from Jim Couch. I do not not know how to show a musical staff or musical notation. Also, sometimes things don't line up on the board the way they do in the preview, so I will apologize in advance if this is an unreadable mess.

The key is G. It says "pentatonic, mode 3". It is in 4/4 time. The letters under the syllables are the notes. The bold, italicized letters are higher. The 4 indicates a quarter note, the 8 an eighth note, the 2 a half note. The periods show division into measures. Maybe someone who can actually read music (I can't) can make something of it.

Oh, where're you goin' there?" said the proud porter gay,
g       g      g      g      g    g       d       d       e    e e      d
4 .    8      8      8      8    4       8       8 .    4    8 8      4

All alone by the wayside lone.
d    e g    g    g    b    d    d
8    8.4   8    8    4    4   . dotted 2

"I started to my school," said the child gentleman,
d    e    e   d d       b          g    g    a       g   g   e
4 . 8    8   8 8       4          8    8 . 4       8   8   4               

And the game feller's walking alone.
d       e      g      g   e      d    d e g
8       8   . 4      8   8      4    8 8 . dotted 2