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Posted By: Richie
17-Oct-11 - 10:18 AM
Thread Name: Child Ballads: US Versions
Subject: Child Ballads: US Versions

Last week I started putting the Child Ballads on my web-site:

I've just started on Child no. 1 and 2. My focus is on traditional US versions

Here are the US traditional versions I've found for Child 1:

1) "The Devil's Nine Questions" by the collector Alfreda Peel, from a Mrs Rill Martin of Mechanicsburg, VA. The two recordings are sung by Texas Gladden, also by Peggy Seeger.

2) "The Devil's Nine Questions" sung Nancy Philley in 1963- Max Hunter Collection

3) "The Devil's Questions" collected by Patrick W. Gainer from the singing of Blanche Kelley, Gilmer County, WV; No Date given.

4) "The Devil's Nine Questions" by the collector John Lomax, from Texas Gladden.

5) "Child Riddles" Sung by Horton Barker from the recording of Dr. W. A. Abrams, at Boone, Watauga county, on September 14, 1941 (Brown Collection of NC Folklore)

6) "Nine Questions" sung by Margaret Tuckwiller, collected by Vivian Richardson. Greenbriar Co., WV. (No Date Given: before 1971)

7) "The Three Riddles" sung by Florence Mixer, Stonington, Maine, 1936; learned from her father. Collected Barry.

8) "The Devil's Questions" sung by Hugh Stallcup, Murphy NC 1933, by the collector John Jacob Niles

9) "There Was a Man Lived in the West" Helen Hartness Flanders printed a Vermont version in Ancient Ballads Traditionally Sung in New England 1 pp.45-50 (version a) sung by Mrs. Hattie Eldredge Hardwick collected by Marguerite Olney. Reprinted in Riddling Tales from around the World by Marjorie Dundas.

There are really eight versions since Gladden's version was learned from a traditional version.

The lyrics and MP3's sheet music are here:

Does anyone have lyrics to Flander's "There Was a Man Lived in the West"?

Does anyone know of other traditional US versions?

Are there any traditional US version titled "Jennifer Gentle"?