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Posted By: Amos
05-Oct-11 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: 2011 Getaway Reports
Subject: RE: 2011 Getaway Reports
Now, Skipper. Just call her up and ask. She'll sing to you over the phone. Hobo's Lullaby, or Hush Little Baby, or something... :D

The draw of the magic vortex of the Getaway is such that returning to "the real world" can be very trying, while the call of Brigadoon tugs at the heart strings.

As Monday's dawn approached, I coerced Mick into rendering "Parting Glass", a song I have cherished since I learned it from him five years ago, and the whole Peace cabin chimed in. That made it complete.

I love the Appalachian workshop, with the incredible tight harmonies and pure backcountry sounds that go straight to the heart. I loved hearing Severn and others bring long-forgotten Woody Guthrie songs back to the fore. I loved the Chanty Workshop. Peter Midchuck's composition at the Songwriter's Workshop, concerning the girl with the gunfighter eyes, just slew me. So many thinngs just slew me, I musta died a thousand deaths over the weekend, though no coward.

Now back in suburban life, I find myself piping up with songs I forgot to sing, while driving to work and back, and re-singing ones I heard I never want to forget.

Of all the joys of this Getaway just past, perhaps the greatest lies just ahead. Nick Apollonio will be sending me his new six-string, which Kendall and I got to try out at the Getaway. Have you ever fallen in love with a guitar? I cannot wait to cradle it in my arms and let it teach me. If you understand, no explanation is necessary; if you don't, none is possible. There is something that passers between an instrument and a player when they have found each other...

Anyway, my bottomless thanks to all who made it such a terrific expedition into Neverlandia, and I will see you in a year, just in time to pick up the next quarter-note, the next chord change, the next rousing solo...